New blog

Blank pages ready to be filled
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

A few years ago, I had an idea to start a blog.  Just somewhere to write my thoughts. Eventually, after trying out a dozen different pieces of software, finally settled on one. It took my Wife asking me for my advice on setting up her own blog before I told her not to pay out for a service which I can provide for free; after all I've been a professional web developer for the best part of a decade!

I'd dabbled with several content management systems over the years, but I wanted something I could just install, write and publish without having to worry about messing about with databases, building structures or more importantly, paying anyone else to do what I can already do.

Previously, I'd used Wordpress but was put off by the bloat. I tried Strapi, but couldn't get it running quickly and smoothly on my hardware with multiple instances. Eventually I installed Ghost.  It's clean and light weight, so I set up an instance and handed over the login details to my wife. She was blogging right away.  Passing the 'wife test' sealed the deal and I installed an instance for myself too.

So here we are, a new platform, empty and ready for me to dump the contents of my mind on...

... Now to think of something to write about!